Stagecraft Workshop ft. Herman Stephens

Buckinghamshire Music Trust presents the ultimate course for bands, band musicians, singers and songwriters, ft. Herman Stephens.

Take your performing, writing and promoting to the next level by joining Herman Stephens and the BMT team for a three-day course in stagecraft.

You will get teaching and support in these activities:

  • Writing material – individually or as a group (Day 1)
  • Crafting material as a band and finding your ‘sound’ (Day 2)
  • Rehearsal techniques and working together as a group (Day 2)
  • Stagecraft – setting up, sound checking, getting the best from live situations and studio situations (Day 3)
  • Performance techniques – finding your ’look’ and connecting with your audience (Day 3)
  • Sharing your work (Day 3)

Everything will be delivered in a practical way with lots of playing time and will culminate in a shared performance of anything and everything produced in the three days.

The course is delivered by a professional team led by Herman Stephens, producer, musician, songwriter, (formerly of Rizzle Kicks) and working with a range of well-known artists.


Herman Stephens is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, producer and actor.  He has been performing music professionally over 30years, has toured the world and has played iconic venues such Wembley and Albert Hall with act, Rizzle Kicks.

In addition to this, he has also worked in the music industry in A&R departments for Charisma Records and MTV, as well as owning and running a recording studio for 10 years.

He is currently writing and producing for various artists, whilst also playing bass in bands such as; Wildhood, Alessi's Ark and SH!TS!CK.  He music style incorporates elements of rock, blues, soul, R&B, funk, jazz, reggae, pop, psychedelic, and punk.

Stagecraft Workshop with Herman Stephens

"[Herman] makes a strong addition to the sound, the raw bass guitar lines - give it an edge that Krist Novoselic of Nirvana would approve of" (Gigwise, 2017).

Herman is also passionate about access to music and devotes his time to mentioning, workshops and teaching.  He has previously supported young people (Lost Hearts), individuals with limited access to music (Cardboard Citizens) and women in music (Girls Rock London).  He is also an advocate for BAME and LGBTQ musicians, as he understands the challenges of both self-acceptance and being accepted within the music industry.

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