Equity & Inclusion

BMEH believes that all children, regardless of personal circumstance, should be able to access a useful, high quality, dynamic and personally suitable music education. We believe that all young people who want to make music should be able to, and in the genre of their choice.

BMEH wishes to develop an inclusive music education culture where all children and young people from our community are valued and recognised for their unique qualities and experience, and where they can see the hub provides a range of diverse and relevant musical opportunities and pathways.

BMEH aspires to provide activities that all children can participate in despite any challenges they may face stemming from poverty, class, ethnicity, religion, linguistic and cultural heritage, or gender. We want our activities to be engaging and accessible for different types of learners - those with SEN, with physical disabilities, those with emotional or social difficulties, those who are at risk of exclusion, those who are neurotypical and those who are neurodivergent. We aim to engage with children and young people who are educated in different settings: mainstream schools; special schools; alternative provision placement; pupil referral units and home school.

BMEH encourages its partners to share this ethos and strives for others to engage similarly.

You can download the full BMEH Ensuring Equity of Opportunity & Inclusion Strategy here