Our calendar of events for all Music Centres is presented here and will be continuously updated. Do let us know if you require any additional information.

September 2019

04.09.19Term InfoNABMT Autumn Term Begins
09.09.19Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Autumn Term Begins
09.09.19Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Autumn Term Begins
28.09.19Folktastic WorkshopAmersham Music CentreAll ages, abilities, all instruments


October 2019

11.10.19Amersham Music Centre trip to the Enlightenment National OperaLondon London ColosseumOpen to all AmMC members
18.10.19ConcertNorth Hall, Millbrook SchoolInformal Halloween Concert
19.10.19Come Play and SingAmersham Music CentreAll AmMC plus visitors
19.10.19ConcertAylesbury Music CentreRelaxed Concert feat. Intermediate Strings,
Flute Choir,
Training & Intermediate Guitars
19.10.19Term InfoNAAutumn Half Term Break Begins - Music Centre Ensembles
26.10.19Term InfoNAAutumn Half Term Break Begins - Instrumental Lessons


November 2019

03.11.19Term InfoNAAutumn Half Term Break Ends
03.11.19ConcertRoyal Northern College of MusicSax Choir performance at Saxophone Festival
04.11.19Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles & Instrumental Lessons Recommence
07.11.19ConcertMarlow FestivalSax Choir performance
09.11.19ConcertAylesbury Vale AcademyIntermediate Strings
12.11.19ConcertRoyal Albert HallBB1 performance as part of Music for Youth
22.11.19ConcertAylesbury Music CentreJazz Night feat. Training Big Band, Intermediate Big Band, Big Band, Improvisation Group
23.11.19ConcertNorth Hall, Millbrook SchoolJazz Lounge
29.11.19Christmas in Chesham ConcertChesham Town CentreHi Gain and others TBC
30.11.19ConcertNorth Hall, Millbrook SchoolGuitar Ensembles
30.11.19AmMC Senior Christmas ConcertSt. Marys Church, Old CheshamAll AmMC Senior, Adult and Intermediate ensembles

December 2019

01.12.19ConcertMarket Square, AylesburyTraining Band & Intermediate band perform at the Christmas Market
06.12.19ConcertNorth Hall, Millbrook SchoolChristmas Concert 1
07.12.19ConcertWaitrose, AylesburyBrass Ensemble Christmas Performance
07.12.19Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Autumn Term Ends
07.12.19AmMC Junior Christmas CelebrationSt. Mary's Church, Old AmershamAll AmMC Prep, Junior and Training ensembles
07.12.19AmMC Christmas Craft MarketAmersham Music CentreCome and grab some Christmas treats and gifts from local crafters
07.12.19ConcertNorth Hall, Millbrook SchoolChristmas Concert 2
13.12.19Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Autumn Term Ends
14.12.19ConcertStar and Garter Home, HughendenBusking
14.12.19Carols on the GreenLittle ChalfontBrass payers and Am@Sing Adult Choir
19.12.19Term InfoNABMT Autumn Term Ends


January 2020

07.01.20Term InfoNABMT Spring Term Begins
10.01.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Spring Term Begins
10.01.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Spring Term Begins
18.01.20Elgiva Theatre Open DayElgiva Theatre, CheshamTBC
24.01.20 or 31.01.20Whole Class Music - Workshop for SchoolsTBCOpen to all primary schools who have a whole class music group


February 2020

08.02.20ConcertElgiva Theatre, CheshamHWMC Sax Choir performance as part of Rotary Charity Event
13.02.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons End
13.02.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles End
15.02.20Term InfoNASpring Half Term Break Begins
23.02.20Term InfoNASpring Half Term Break Ends
24.02.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Recommence
24.02.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Recommence


March 2020

01.03.20CompetitionWatford School of MusicPercussion Ensemble & Saturday Youth Choir take part in the Music for Youth Regionals
06.03.20CompetitionAylesbury Town CentreSoloists Competition - Intermediate
07.03.20Beaconsfield Festival of ChoirsTBCAm@sing Adults and Chamber Choirs
07.03.20CompetitionAylesbury Town CentreSoloists Competition - Junior
13.03.20ConcertNorth Hall, Millbrook SchoolInformal Chamber Concert
28.03.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Spring Term Ends


April 2020

03.04.20Term InfoNABMT Spring Term Ends
03.04.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Spring Term Ends
20.04.20Term InfoNABMT Summer Term Begins
24.04.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Summer Term Begins
24.04.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Summer Term Begins


May 2020

08.05.20Term InfoNANo ensembles or lessons due to the Bank Holiday
16.05.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles End
22.05.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons End
23.05.20Term InfoNASummer Half Term Break Begins
31.05.20Term InfoNASummer Half Term Break Ends


June 2020

01.06.20Term InfoNABMT Term Recommences
01.06.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Recommence
01.06.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Recommence


July 2020

05.07.20ConcertChiltern Open Air MuseumBMT Summer Festival
11.07.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Summer Term Ends
11.07.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Summer Term Ends
21.07.20Term InfoNABMT Summer Term Ends