Our calendar of events for all Music Centres is presented here and will be continuously updated. Do let us know if you require any additional information.

September 2020

02.09.20Term InfoNABMT Autumn Term Begins
07.09.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Autumn Term Begins
14.09.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Autumn Term Begins


October 2020

18.10.20Term InfoNAAutumn Half Term Break Begins - Music Centre Ensembles
24.10.20Term InfoNAAutumn Half Term Break Begins - Instrumental Lessons


November 2020

01.11.20Term InfoNAAutumn Half Term Break Ends
02.11.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles & Instrumental Lessons Recommence
17.11.20Primary Conference 2020Bucks New UniA conference designed to enrich and empower Primary School music practitioners. Find out more here.

December 2020

12.12.20Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Autumn Term Ends
12.12.20Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Autumn Term Ends
18.12.20Term InfoNABMT Autumn Term Ends


January 2021

05.01.21Term InfoNABMT Spring Term Begins
08.01.21Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Spring Term Begins
08.01.21Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Spring Term Begins


February 2021

11.02.21Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons End
11.02.21Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles End
13.02.21Term InfoNASpring Half Term Break Begins
21.02.21Term InfoNASpring Half Term Break Ends
22.02.21Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Recommence
22.02.21Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Recommence


March 2021

27.03.21Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Spring Term Ends


April 2021

01.04.21Term InfoNABMT Spring Term Ends
01.04.21Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Spring Term Ends
19.04.21Term InfoNABMT Summer Term Begins
23.04.21Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Summer Term Begins
23.04.21Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Summer Term Begins
30.04.21 - 03.05.21Term InfoNANo sessions due to the bank holiday.


May 2021

30.04.21 - 03.05.21Term InfoNANo ensembles or lessons due to the Bank Holiday
24.05.21Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles End
28.05.21Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons End
29.05.21Term InfoNASummer Half Term Break Begins


June 2021

06.06.21Term InfoNAHalf Term Break Ends
07.06.21Term InfoNABMT Term Recommences
07.06.21Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Recommence
07.06.21Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Recommence


July 2021

04.07.21ConcertChiltern Open Air MuseumBMT Summer Festival
10.07.21Term InfoNAMusic Centre Ensembles Summer Term Ends
12.07.21Term InfoNAInstrumental Lessons Summer Term Ends
21.07.21Term InfoNABMT Summer Term Ends