Early Years - 4-7yrs

At Buckinghamshire Music Trust we passionately believe that all children should have access to high quality musical experiences from as early as possible.

Through our fun, imaginative Music for Munchkins sessions, children are able to engage with many different aspects of music alongside developing their singing, listening and language skills.  The songs and games that we use in our sessions help children to explore sound through movement, playing instruments and singing together as a whole group.

The positive benefits of music making have been well researched, and it has been proven that participation in musical activities can impact all areas of children's learning.

We also believe that all teachers and practitioners should incorporate music into the daily life of their setting, and we want all practitioners to feel confident to sing and explore sounds with their children

Introducing... Music for Munchkins - a fun and practical way to introduce music to your children!  These music and movement classes offer children the opportunity to experience, respond to, and create music!

Music has a unique ability to foster positive relationships which enable children to learn in different ways. Through our music and movement sessions, children can develop their co-ordination, grow motor control, confidence and team skills alongside learning basic musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm and dynamics.

The sessions take place weekly in the Music Centre term in three centres - see below for times and contact information.

Sign up by calling or emailing the centre of your choice, and you will need to fill out one our standard application forms found here.The charge is £50 per term - this works out at £5 per session - and you will be invoiced as per all the other BMT groups.

Musikids is a unique opportunity for children in school years 2-4 to develop their musical skills while trying out a range of instruments.

If your child is interested in learning a musical instrument but is not sure which one to learn, then this is a great place to start. They may also have spent some time learning an instrument as part of a Whole Class Practical Musicianship programme and be interested in trying out some other instruments to see what really inspires them.

Musikids is available as part of a standard Music Centre membership and children will learn as part of a large group, exploring a different instrument each term. Our specially trained tutors deliver sessions which are both educational and highly enjoyable and they will guide your child towards the right instrument for them.

Musikids is a great progression from Music for Munchkins as well as Whole Class Practical Musicianship and works very well alongside our Prep Band ensembles.

To apply, please complete a Music Centre application form or contact musicservice@bucksmusic.org for more information. Musikids groups are included as part of the centre membership fee of £80 per term.



Join us for musical fun and adventure with either of these fantastic groups at the following days and times.  Apply here or email musicservice@bucksmusic.org.


  • Amersham: Saturdays, 10.00-10.45
  • Aylesbury: Saturdays, 9.00-9.45


  • High Wycombe: Saturdays, 9.30-10.30
  • Amersham: Saturdays, 10.00-10.45
  • Aylesbury: Tuesdays. 16.00-16.45