Fees and Payments

This page details our fees for tuition, Music Centre membership, instrument hire and more.  To book lessons or to join an ensemble, please click here.

We offer tuition on all instruments including strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, voice and guitars. All prices have been held at the 2019/20 rate to reflect the difficult times we are currently facing. BMT will continue to deliver remote lessons where necessary or preferable.


Instrumental Teaching – available on all instruments subject to availability

  • 33 lessons per academic year and all fees are payable per term in advance
  • Outstanding fees at the end of a term may result in withdrawal of tuition
  • Parents are billed directly whether lessons are in music centres or schools, except where a school has agreed to subsidise pupils using pupil premium.

Individual lessons Group lessons
Length Tuition only rate Music Centre members discounted rate All group lessons are 30 minutes
20 minutes £156 £130 Small Group £106
30 minutes £236 £200 Large Group £76


  • Small Group is for 2/3 pupils – up to Grade 2
  • Large Group is for 4 – 6 pupils – up to Grade 1 and is intended to follow on from WCPM for those pupils who want to continue learning or start learning an instrument
  • Longer lessons are available for senior students – enquire at
  • Individual lessons have discounted rates for Music Centre members to recognise the value of playing in ensembles to the development of instrumental skills. The discounted rate shown above is for lessons and does not include the Music Centre membership – this remains at £80.


Music Centre Membership  -  £80 per term

  • Membership gives access to all ensembles at our Music Centres, including Hi-Gain
  • Details of all Music Centre timetables are on our website:
  • Some activities during the year, such as Masterclasses and holiday courses will have discounted rates for Music Centre members


Instrument Hire

  • All instruments from our stock (subject to availability) can be hired at a cost of £25 per term
  • Loans are available to all young musicians in Buckinghamshire, but priority is given to BMT Music Centre members


Subsidies to Promote Opportunity for All Children

  • Subsidies can be applied to all fees listed above


Students eligible for Free School Meals 50% reduction
Siblings 2nd child 15% reduction
3rd child 30% reduction
Each subsequent child 50% reduction


  • BMT encourages schools to support families eligible for FSM by subsidizing the remaining 50% of lessons fees using Pupil Premium
  • Other exceptional subsidies may be applied in discussion with the Director
  • Employees of BMT and BMEH partnership organisations qualify for a 15% subsidy on all fees

Invoice Payment Terms

  • All fees are payable immediately on receipt of invoice and are charged on a per term basis

Missed Lessons

  • When a teacher misses lessons due to their absence they will attempt to make up those lessons later in the academic year so that the student has their full complement of 33 lessons over the year. If it proves to not be possible we will issue a credit in the summer term
  • Parents are asked to inform the teacher of any known absences a minimum of one week in advance so that, where possible, these can be re-arranged within the same term. This will be at the teacher’s discretion and includes pupil absences due to conflicting school activities
  • In the case of INSET days, etc., if the school informs our teacher at least one week in advance they will attempt to amend their timetable to fit the lessons in later in the school year

Giving Notice for Lessons and Membership

  • BMT music tuition and centre membership is provided on an ongoing, rolling contract and pupils may only withdraw from activities at the end of a term following receipt of written notice to the music trust by the following deadlines;


To end at Christmas 2020 Notice given by Sunday 1st November 2020
To end at Easter 2021 Notice given by Sunday 21st February 2021
To end at Summer 2021 Notice given by Sunday 6th June 2021


  • Should you give written notice after the deadlines above, you will be charged a late notice fee in addition to the usual fees for the term in which you give notice. The late notice fees are as follows;
  • Individual lessons - £80 late notice fee
  • Group lessons - £50 late notice fee
  • Music centre membership - £50 late notice fee