Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all concerts until April 3rd (end of term) will be postponed. Due to the fluid nature of the situation there will likely be some additional changes to scheduling.  Please see our social networks for updates.  Thank you for your understanding at this time.

Following this evening's announcement (18/3) regarding schools, we will follow this advice for educational establishments and close all Music Centre activities from 3pm on Friday 20th March.  More details for instrumental lessons follow tomorrow.

Welcome to
Buckinghamshire Music Trust


About Us

Welcome to the Buckinghamshire Music Trust.

Our core mission is to provide outstanding music education, including instrumental and vocal lessons at school and in one of our Music Centres across Bucks.

We also support schools in the delivery of their music curriculum, and work with a range of partners who share a passion for music and its importance for all young people, in all its forms.


The Vision

Opportunities for all abilities, talents, genres and forms of music.

Experiences that take place in all types of school (both in the curriculum and beyond), in music centres, community and commercial settings

Provide access to meaningful and high quality vocal and instrumental experiences, including opportunities to progress to the highest levels of excellence.

Encourage the importance of music in all children’s lives as something valuable, rewarding and fun.

Empower young musicians to be confident, skilled individuals who can express their creativity and work together for success

Lead a radical development of music in schools and other educational settings to realise an outstanding education for all students in the county.

Supporting & facilitate a range of partnerships, & projects that promote outstanding music education and opportunity for all children in Bucks, as the core organisation of the Buckinghamshire Music Education Hub




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