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Identifying Musical Talent and Progress

Tuesday 18th October  4pm-6pm Aylesbury Music Centre.

Awards For Young Musicians in conjunction with hosts BMT are putting on this interactive session for music leads/coordinators/teachers and anyone with an interest in the musical education of young people.

Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) acclaimed Identifying Musical Talent and Potential (ITP) training exists to make music education fairer. It tackles one of the biggest obstacles to young people’s musical progress - identifying those with talent and potential, especially in whole class or larger group settings.

Children from wealthier families will often get the chance to have private instrumental lessons paid for by their parents, whilst those facing other obstacles are likely to have their musical opportunities limited to what their school is able to offer, largely short term first access group tuition at primary school. It’s therefore even more imperative that, when these opportunities are provided, their teachers, whether class or visiting instrumental teachers, have some useful tools to identify their musical potential and help support it. Without these tools the musical potential of young people facing a range of barriers is far less likely to be identified, further threatening the development of a more diverse talent pipeline.  

The Identifying Musical Talent and Potential training invites music leaders to take part in some familiar musical games, which are then deconstructed to explore what they are really telling us about the young people we are working with. Are we giving them the opportunity to be creative and shine, or are we simply highlighting those who make mistakes in front of the whole class? Music leaders’ toolkits will be enhanced through fresh activities and insights designed to promote curiosity and identify what young people can do, so their musical potential can start to flourish. 

The training is supported by some new film resources made in summer 2021 in four settings (primary, secondary, special school and a young carers group), which highlight the identification of musical potential in a range of young people, along with a range of additional take away resources.

This event is now fully booked

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Buckinghamshire Music Trust run regular CPD sessions for school staff to broaden their knowledge of, and confidence in, music teaching. Our CPD sessions are designed to develop the skills of both specialist and non-specialist teachers and are taught by our team of experts.

Courses for 2022

Music for EYFS:

Develop your skills in leading music with your youngest pupils.
This practical session will explore a range of music-making activities and how these can be used to develop both musical and non-musical skills in children at the earliest stage of their formal education. Songs and activities will be appropriate to your setting and led by our early years specialist.

Boost Your Music Curriculum:

Games, ideas tips and tricks to reinvigorate your music teaching. This session will provide you with ideas to take back to school that are accessible, fun and engaging but that don’t require specialist training or equipment. Suitable for both the non-specialist and the confident musician.

Composition and Creative Music Making:

Taking the mystery out of composition. This session will show you how to incorporate composition and creative exploration into your primary music lessons. More suitable for the non-specialist, we will look at easy ways to develop your pupils’ creativity and tackle the often-scary idea of composition.

Combined WCPM/Workshop and Training Packages:

Designed to support and train your teachers to enhance their curriculum delivery, working with the BMT teacher who comes to your school. The fee includes a planning session with an Area Leader to ensure that the structure and focus meet your individual school needs. 11 sessions of WCPM/Workshop + 3 hours CPD

Music Improvement Consultancy:

BMT has a senior team with a wide range of experience and expertise in schools and the wider sector and we will match the individual with the right skills to plan a support package with you to support your development needs. Possible areas of focus might include curriculum review and development, building a Singing School, resources and support for non-specialist teachers, whole staff practical CPD, Artsmark support and guidance

Bespoke CPD:

We can provide a tailored session, or package of sessions, to suit the musical needs of your school.


Course Member Price Non-member price
Music for EYFS £12.50 £25
Boost Your Music Curriculum £12.50 £25
Composition & Creative Music Making £12.50 £25
Combined WCPM/Workshop & Training Packages £450 £600
Music Improvement Consultancy £300 * £500 *
*We encourage schools to form small cluster groups to share these opportunities and divide the cost


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