Primary Offer 2022/23

BMT Primary Membership Package


The BMT Membership Package for Primary Schools that benefits schools using our services and seeks to create a musical community of primary schools across the county. 

The table below shows the member discounts for regular services in addition to some member-only benefits. The membership costs £120 for the year.

All our services are available to all primary schools, regardless of whether they take up the membership package.

A summary of our services for parents for children to take instrumental lessons in your school is set out below as well. Please encourage them to do so and ensure that those eligible for FSM for whom you are in receipt of Pupil Premium know they can get a 50% subsidy from us and we hope schools will choose to use the PP to support them too.


Service Member rate Non-member rate
WCPM (per class per term) £350 £400
WCPM/Training package (term) £450 £600
Choir, Band, Ensemble leaders (per hour) £45 £48
Music Improvement consultancy (per day) £250 £400
Primary Music Conference (per delegate) £50 £90
CPD sessions for teachers for details

£12.50 £25 

Additional Member Benefits:

  • 30% discount for ‘Sparkyard’, a new online singing resource centre produced by Out of the Ark ***NEW***
  • Free member-only briefings for Heads & Music Coordinators with a focus on Ofsted, Curriculum, Cultural Education and updates from DfE Arts team, MusicMark and Artswork
  • 1 free whole school Singing Assembly with accompanying resources
  • Automatic school membership of Music Mark providing access to all their resources, events and training
  • Free access to ‘Harmony Valley’ – a new teaching resource for younger children that will be launched in September 2022
  • Free access to the BMT Primary Curriculum Framework from September 2022
  • Preferential access to new offers and major events arising during the year 

CPD & Training for teachers (specialist & non-specialist) and schools

  • A range of courses running throughout the year – details at
  • Bespoke in-school training for individual / whole school CPD – contact your Area Leader for a discussion about your needs 

Primary Music Conference

  • Our annual conference for Headteachers and Music Coordinators, providing an insightful and engaging mix of strategy, curriculum, practical sessions and networking, with a national Keynote speaker bring the latest news and inside information from DfE and OfSTED.

Whole Class Practical Musicianship (WCPM)

  • Available for KS1 and KS2
  • We have a wide range of instrumental combinations available through discussion with Area Leaders
  • The programme includes rhythm, theory and singing work to develop early musicianship and give children a vibrant and exciting musical experience that will encourage them to do more
  • Schools are encouraged to support Large Group lessons as a follow-on provision in their school
  • Fees include the use of a set of instruments where required and are for 33 sessions per year

Combined WCPM/Workshop and Training packages

  • Designed to support and train your teachers to enhance their curriculum delivery, working with the BMT teacher who comes to your school.
  • The fee includes a planning session with an Area Leader to ensure that the structure and focus meet your individual school needs (11 sessions of WCPM/Workshop + 3 hours CPD)

Choir, Band and Ensemble leaders, including Singing Assemblies

  • For all types of choir or group in your school, we will match the right teacher with your needs

 Music Improvement Consultancy

  • BMT has a senior team with a wide range of experience and expertise in schools and the wider sector and we will match the individual with the right skills to plan a support package with you to support your development needs
  • Possible areas of focus might include curriculum review and development, building a Singing School, music for EYFS, resources and support for non-specialist teachers, whole staff practical CPD, Artsmark support and guidance

 Music Education offer for Parents – direct billing

 Subsidies to promote opportunity for all children

  • Subsidies can be applied to all fees, including Music Centre memberships and BMT is absolutely committed to ensuring that all children can have the opportunity to access lessons.

Students eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) 50% reduction
Siblings 2nd child 15% reduction
3rd child 30% reduction
Each subsequent child 50% reduction

  • BMT encourages schools to support families eligible for FSM by subsidizing the remaining 50% of lessons fees using Pupil Premium
  • If your financial situation is such that you are not eligible for FSM but find that the headline fees are challenging, we have other bursaries available on application of up to 50%. Our assessment process is confidential and focused on our mission to make sure that all music is available to all children

 Instrumental & Vocal teaching – all instruments (subject to availability)

  • 33 lessons per academic year and all fees are payable per term in advance
  • Parents are billed directly whether lessons are in music centres or schools, except where a school has agreed to subsidise pupils using pupil premium.

Individual lessons Group lessons
Length Tuition only rate Music Centre members 50% subsidy rate All group lessons are 30 mins
20 mins £162 £140 £81 Small Group £110
30 mins £242 £210 £121 Large Group £80

  • Small Group is for 2/3 pupils – up to Grade 2 when it is recommended to move to an individual lesson
  • Large Group is for 4 – 6 pupils – up to Grade 1 and is intended to follow on from Whole Class Provision in schools for those pupils who want to continue learning or start learning an instrument
  • Longer lessons are available for senior students – enquire at
  • Individual lessons have discounted rates for Music Centre members to recognise the value of playing in ensembles to the development of instrumental skills. The discounted rate shown above is for lessons and does not include the Music Centre membership – this remains at £80.

Music Centre membership    £80 per term

  • Membership gives access to all ensembles at all our Music Centres, including Hi-Gain
  • Details of all Music Centre timetables are on our website:
  • Music Centre members receive a discount on individual instrumental/vocal lessons

Instrument Hire

  • All instruments from our stock (subject to availability) can be hired at a cost of £25 per term
  • Loans are available to all young musicians in Buckinghamshire, but priority is given to BMT Music Centre members