Virtual Music Centre - Somewhere Over the Rainbow


We are proud to introduce the first of our Virtual Music Centre projects!  On this page you'll find everything you need to participate in our county-wide recording and performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

Please note, recordings need to be submitted by 6pm on Thursday 30th April, sent to


MUNCHKINS/ MUSIKIDS: our youngest Music Centre members will be able to join us via THIS VIDEO - click here! Get ready for lots of singing, movement, games and fun! This video will be available from 10am on Saturday morning (25th April) so click on the link here and get your little ones joining in!


BONUS ACTIVITY!! All over the country children have been drawing and colouring rainbows to display in their windows, a symbol of hope, unity and happiness in these difficult times. If you have a fabulous rainbow drawing that you would like to share with us, please scan it and email to and it might appear in the finished performance!

News Flash!

We are proud to present the Buckinghamshire Music Trust county-wide performance or Somewhere Over the Rainbow!  Over 150 individual performances were recorded and sent in, and here is the finished result!  Incredible work from our students!  The performance premieres on YouTube at 7pm on Monday 11th May - don't miss it!

Make your recording in 10 easy steps!


You will find instrument/ vocal parts for ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ at the bottom of this page (click here for shortcut). Use the table to find your instrument and select a part of an appropriate level for you to play.  If you are unsure, contact your local Music Centre or ask your teacher.


You will need to download the backing track to play along with and so you can hear the speed as you record - this way everyone will playing at exactly the same speed and make everything fit together easily when everyone submits their recordings.


Print off your part… the track……. and have a go!


Take time to familiarise yourself with the beginning of the backing track so you know where to come in.  

There are two bars of 'clicks' at the beginning of the backing track with a single piano note in a gap in between.  After the second set of clicks the piano starts to play the song.  All other instruments will start playing after two bars of piano. 

This is a sample from our 'Recording Steps' Document

Step 1. Loading the backing track

  1. a)  Download the backing track from the url provided by BMT:

  2. b)  Plug in your head phones and find a comfortable volume for which you can hear both your instrument and the backing track.
    NB: It is advisable to practice playing to the backing track before recording, so you are prepared with the tempo.

Step 2. Preparing your audio recorder

Test the best place for recording your sound source (instrument or voice). Softer instruments may need to be closer to the microphone, whilst other loud instruments will require some distance or even padding. If you’re finding that your recordings are producing an unpleasant (distorted) sound, then try placing your phone in a bag with some padding around it to reduce the input volume to the microphone.

Step 3. Recording

  1. a)  Press record on your device.

  2. b)  Press play on the device you have loaded the backing track into and listen to the


  3. c)  There will be 2 bars of count in before the piece begins. To help our production team to

    line up your part, simply clap on the beat after you hear “one, two, three, four”.

  4. d)  Record your performance. 

 Please ask your music teachers if you're unsure how this works. 


Join your local Music Centre Area Leader(s) and the teaching team in a Zoom session at 9.30 on Saturday (25thApril), where they will welcome you back to ‘Virtual’ Music Centre and explain how to get involved with the ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ activity.  You will receive the Zoom link to the ‘Welcome’ session the email from your local Music Centre


Then, join one of the Zoom ‘coaching sessions’ with the Music Centre teachers. During these sessions, the teacher will demonstrate the part on your instrument, point out any tricky bits and help with any questions you may have about your part – it’s also a great chance to see your Music Centre friends again.  Zoom links to these ‘coaching sessions’ will be included in the email from your local Music Centre.


Then……….get practising!  The best way to practice is to play the backing track through earphones, whilst you play your instrument.


All BMT instrumental teachers will also have copies of the ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ parts, so if you have your lesson next week practice with your teacher as well.


When you are ready to record, check out our guides Audio Recording Methods’ and ‘How to Record Using Your Phone’ available on this webpage, and also visit the BMT YouTube channel ‘LEARN PLAY REPEAT’ and check out our videos.

To complete the recording, you will need to use 2 devices; one to play the backing track through headphones and one to record your audio.

IMPORTANT: We can only accept AUDIO recordings for the ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ activity. Please DO NOT send video, as we will not be able to include these in the final performance.


Send your audio recording of your part to us at: vmc@bucksmusic.orgby 6pm on Thursday 30thApril.  


Please title your audio file AND the subject line of your email with the following naming convention. [Music Centre] [Instrument] [Level] [Your Name].
For example: If you attend High Wycombe Music Centre, play alto sax and are playing level option 2, your title and subject line should be "HW Alto Sax Level 2 Joe Blogs”.
If you attend Amersham Music Centre, play trumpet and are playing level option 4, your title and subject line should be “AM Trumpet Level 4 Joe Blogs”
If you attend Aylesbury Music Centre, play violin and are playing level option 5, your title and subject line should be “AY Violin Level 5 Joe Blogs"

Our tech team will then pull all your brilliant music making together into our ‘Virtual’ Music Centre performance.


After “magic” has happened, we’ll share the FINSHED PERFORMANCE with you all!!

Download your part!

InstrumentLevel Option 1Level Option 2Level Option 3Level Option 4Level Option 5
Alto SaxGrade 1+Grade 4+N/AN/AN/A
Bass GuitarGrade 1N/AN/AN/AN/A
BassoonGrade 1Grade 5+ (Option 1)Grade 5+ (Option 2)N/AN/A
CelloGrade 1Grade 5+ (Option 1)Grade 5+ (Option 2)N/AN/A
ClarinetGrade 0-1Grade 3+N/AN/AN/A
Double BassGrade 1N/AN/AN/AN/A
Drum Kit (incl.Homemade perc.)
Grade 0+N/AN/AN/AN/A
FluteGrade 0Grade 0+Grade 2+N/AN/A
Guitar AcousticGrade 1-2N/AN/AN/AN/A
Guitar Classical
Grade 0 - Notation

Grade 0 - TAB

Grade 1-2 - Notation

Grade 3+ - TAB

Grade 3+ - Notation

Grade 1-2 - TAB

Grade 1-2Grade 4+N/AN/AN/A
OboeGrade 2+N/AN/AN/AN/A
Percussion 1 (incl. Triangle, High Bells,

Homemade Perc.

Grade 0+Supplementary Parts

Percussion Guide

Percussion 2 (incl. Homemade Perc.,

Vocal FX, Bird Calls

Grade 0+Supplementary Parts

Percussion Guide

PianoGrade 4+N/AN/AN/AN/A
Grade 0+Grade 3+N/AN/AN/A
Tenor SaxGrade 5+N/AN/AN/AN/A
TromboneGrade 1Grade 5+ (Option 1)Grade 5+ (Option 2)N/AN/A
TrumpetGrade 0-1Grade 1-2Grade 3+Grade 3+N/A
TubaGrade 1N/AN/AN/AN/A
ViolaGrade 0Grade 2+N/AN/AN/A
ViolinGrade 0 - Option 1
Grade 0 - Option 2
Grade 0 - Option 3
Grade 0+Grade 2+Grade 2-3Grade 3+
Vocal AltoGrade N/A


Vocal BassGrade N/A


Vocal SopranoGrade N/A


Vocal TenorGrade N/A



Download the backing track!

The submission date is Thursday 30th April by 6pm. Please send recordings to

Studying grades?

Check out our YouTube channel, Learn Play Repeat where you'll find videos of all pieces for all instruments and grades, plus much more!