Student Leadership Programme


The BMT Student Leadership Programme provides an opportunity for any BMT member aged 14+ to take on a leadership role within the organisation.

The year long programme will focus on developing your communication, leadership, teamworking and musical skills. It will also give you the opportunity to take on more responsibility within BMT and can lead to an accreditation. 

What does it involve?

The programme is focused on developing skills and interests that you already have and finding new musical pathways to explore. You can choose to apply for one of the existing roles or you can create your own programme. It really is up to you. You also have the option to work towards an ArtsAward if you choose to.
To get the best out of your Student Leadership Programme think about the things you enjoy and the things that challenge you. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? Would you like to learn to conduct? Are you interested in learning about improvisation? Do you want to hone your songwriting skills? Would you enjoy researching and creating work for an Arts Award portfolio? Perhaps you want to give a little back to your Music Centre by helping out. The choice is yours.



Events Management

Tasks could include:

  • Helping out at Music Centre events through stewarding, stage management and ‘front of house’
  • Being part of your local Guitari Lounge monthly event team by helping on sound, door, set up/take down and hosting
  • Being part of the event team for large countywide event through stewarding, stage management and shadowing sound & lights

Marketing & Promotion

Tasks could include:

  • Creating digital media content
  • Writing gig/event reviews
  • Taking photos at events
  • Creating vlogs
  • Writing press releases, representing BMT in the media

Ensemble Support

Tasks could include:

  • Music library duties
  • Managing registers
  • Supporting individuals within a group
  • Taking parts of a rehearsal / running sectionals
  • Conducting part of a concert
  • Setting up & packing away

Music Centre Support

Tasks could include:

  • Welcoming new members
  • Customer service roles
  • Updating noticeboards
  • Music Centre promotion
  • Developing informal activities in the centre
  • Supporting Music Centre Managers
  • Supporting ‘Friends’ with fundraising

Devise your own role

You create a role which you think would be valuable to BMT that isn’t covered by these suggestions. If you select this option, we will expect you to explain to us at interview what it is, how it will work and why it will bring value to you and Bucks Music Trust.
Make it your own!

Do you want to add an ArtsAward to your Student Leadership Programme?

It’s up to you. What do I have to do to get an ArtsAward? Take part in different arts activities be inspired by artists and arts organisations, experience arts events, share your arts skills with others, put together a portfolio or arts log in your own choice of format, set yourself arts challenges, organise your own projects and research arts careers and the arts sector.To find out more have a look at the ArtsAward website.

What’s next?

Think ....... about what your programme will look like. What can you bring to it? What would you like to develop?
Decide ……. do you want to do an ArtsAward as part of the programme?
Get some advice ……. talk to your Music Centre Manager or Area Leader – ask them what they think you’re good at!

Ready to sign up?

There is no cost to becoming a Student Leader.
Come to your interview ready to present how you see your programme as a Student Leader running.
Once accepted, you will be assigned a mentor who will go through your planned programme with you. They will work out a timeline with you and will be able to suggest opportunities and ways to enrich your programme. If you are undertaking an ArtsAward your mentor will support you in the development of your portfolio. They are also there if you have any concerns during your time as a student leader.
What are you waiting for? Get going!

What our students say...

"Hi-Gain helped me to work better with other musicians and to use technology that's appropriate for recording"

"I have learned how to synchronise my playing with drums and how easy recording can be"

"Gives me tips and help with being a musician and has helped me to improve"

"It has helped me to learn the basics of theory as well as practical"

"It has helped me develop well as a musician because I know more than before I joined"

"It has helped me to work in a band and make my own music"

"It made me appreciate playing in a band to develop specific skills, such as playing in time"

"I can now work better in a group and put more ideas forward"

"It has taught me how to work with others and write songs on guitar"

"It has helped me get more confident at playing drums"

"I have learnt to arrange songs and record tracks successfully"

"It has helped me to work as a band, play with other musicians and setup tech"

"It has helped me to improve my knowledge in Music Technology"

SLP Locations


Aylesbury High School
Walton Road
HP21 7ST


The School House,
Amersham School
Stanley Hill


Millbrook Combined School
Mill End Road
High Wycombe
HP12 4BA


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