Services for Schools

Buckinghamshire Music Trust Provision for 2019/20

This pack gives you everything you need to be able to access BMT provision for your school, your children and your parents. There is more information about all our music on our website at

Our activities include:

  • Instrumental teaching in all instruments with parents billed directly to minimise school administration – you just agree a timetable and provide a room
  • Individual, small group and large group lessons for all abilities
  • Whole Class Practical Musicianship sessions for KS1 and KS2, for all schools including Special Schools and PRUs – book now for discounted rates
  • Music Centre Groups and Ensembles of all types at all levels – about 30 different ones in each centre in Aylesbury, Amersham and High Wycombe
  • County groups for advanced players and singers – Youth Orchestra, Youth Wind Ensemble and Youth Choir
  • Instrument hire for all instruments (subject to availability)
  • Choir, band and group leaders for enrichment activities in your school
  • Music Improvement Consultancy to support your broad and balanced curriculum and resource development; to help train your teachers; to support your Artsmark application; to develop your ‘singing school’; for exam support and moderation and more
  • Large scale performance activities for schools and children including Echoes at the Royal Albert Hall, Battle of the Bands at Wycombe Swan, Energize at The Waterside and more
  • School-based and Music Centre workshops and opportunities with a range of external partners

This pack contains application forms and details of all our regular activities.
The Fees 2019/20 sheet gives more detail about all bookable provision.
Subsidies are available for FSM/PP pupils and siblings.

Make sure your Music Co-ordinator or Head of Music keeps in touch with our Area Leaders so that we contact you with new opportunities across the coming year.
All contact details are on the forms and our website

Whole Class Practical Musicianship (WCPM) with instruments

The National Plan for Music identifies this as a core offer that all schools should look to implement as part of their broad and balanced curriculum. The new OfSTED framework will strengthen the requirement for excellent music provision for schools to be outstanding.

BMT provision …

  • Direct delivery of 33 lessons per year with 2 assembly/concert performances
  • Develops musical skills and understanding through practical learning of instrumental skills, rhythm work, singing and basic theory
  • Develops key transferable skills that improve outcomes across the curriculum
  • Enriches and extends your KS1, KS2 or KS3 (Year 7 only) curriculum
  • Leads pupils into instrumental learning – especially where schools support Large Group teaching (4 – 6 pupils) in the follow-on year

How does WCPM fit with the Music National Curriculum?

  • It delivers some areas of the Programme of Study but not all!
  • It also adds more to your NC provision, enriching your curriculum
  • It delivers the parts that non-specialist teachers find most challenging
  • It allows classroom teachers to be trained to deliver their part of the curriculum with confidence and excellence – through working alongside our teachers and/or procuring our combined CPD offer
WCPM Delivery

Our provision is subsidised as WCPM is the first core priority in the National Plan for Music:

  • If you don’t have this provision, contact us now to arrange it.
  • See the Fees sheet in the Schools Pack for special offers.
  • If you already have WCPM delivered by your own specialist or another provider and you’re happy with it, ask them whether they would like to deliver on a BMT commissioned basis so that your school can access the subsidised rate for the same provision

Workshops and Training Packages

  • Supporting your curriculum and training your teachers
  • Bespoke to your school needs so includes a planning session
  • 10 sessions of 30 mins + 3 hours training costs £900 (within one term)
  • 10 sessions of 60 mins + 3 hours training costs £1500 (within one term)

Music Improvement Consultancy

  • Delivered by our team of senior experts, planned with you to support your development needs
  • £600 per day that can be divided into half days / twilight sessions
    • Curriculum review and development (KS1 – 5)
    • Building a Singing school
    • Music for EYFS
    • Resources and support for non-specialist teachers
    • Whole staff CPD – practical and engaging
    • Artsmark support and guidance

Instrumental Teaching (School Billing)

  • Teacher time is charged at £42 per hour
  • This can be for individual, small group teaching and choir/ensemble leading
  • Choir/ensemble leadership will incur an additional hour per term for planning and preparation and can normally only be booked where a teacher is already visiting that school to deliver lessons

Instrumental Teaching (Parent Billing)

  • 33 lessons per academic year
  • All fees are payable per term
  • Schools act as hosts but BMT do all the administration
  • Some lessons take place in the music centres
Individual lessons 20 minute 30 minute 40 minute
£154 £230 £296
Group lessons
Small Group £108
Group £75
  • Small group is for 2/3 pupils – up to Grade 2
  • Group is for 4 – 6 pupils – up to Grade 1
  • Where a Group is in the Music Centre, this can be a ‘membership’ ensemble
  • In school this provision is intended to follow on from WCPM

Music Centres

  • Membership gives access to all ensembles at the Centre
  • Fees are £80 per term

Instrument Loans for Individual Students

  • 1 year fixed term loan renewable on request costs £25 per term for all instruments
  • BMT members get priority but where instruments are available all children can access this provision

Subsidies for Lesson Fees and Memberships

  • For those in receipt of Pupil Premium, individuals can apply for a 50% subsidy
  • Siblings are eligible for subsidy ay 15% for 2nd sibling, 25% for 3rd and 50% for subsequents
  • Other subsidies may be applied in particular cases as we strongly believe in ensuring that all children can access our provision

Please contact BMT Director Paul Guenault for more information.