Enter Trinity Exams in High Wycombe

Music exams are a fantastic way to structure and improve your playing on a musical instrument as they encourage a broad palette of topics and disciplines to study, introducing you to different genres of music, techniques to increase expression and repertoire you can take away and play anywhere!

Exam Dates - Monday 13th December to Friday 17th December 2021
Entry deadline - Friday 15th October 2021

Please note: Exams will be on any day during the advertised days for each of the sessions, so please ensure your child is available BEFORE submitting the entry. Refunds cannot be issued after submission due to exam board regulations.  Late entries can not be accepted, nor will entries via email.

Enquiries for exams: Carolyn Sewell exams@bucksmusic.org

Enter Trinity Exams in High Wycombe here...

Please note that if due to the ongoing Covid situation the exam board cancel the exams, we will not be able to run them and monies will be refunded once received back from the board.