Instrumental teaching (Parent Billing) 

• 33 lessons per academic year

• All fees are payable per term

Individual lessons  20 minute  30 minute  40 minute 
  £154 £230 £296
Group lessons 
Small Group £108
Group £75

• Small group is for 2/3 pupils – up to Grade 2

• Group is for 4 – 6 pupils – up to Grade 1

• Where a Group is in the Music Centre, this can be a ‘membership’ ensemble

• This provision is designed for beginners and for those following on from WCPM.

All teaching (School Billing) 

• Whole Class Practical Musicianship (WCPM) is charged at £330 per term per class for 33 sessions in a year

• All teacher hours purchased by schools from BMT billed at £42 per hour

• This includes instrumental / ensemble / choir as well as instrumental / vocal lessons.

We offer a range of subsidies, including sibling discounts. Please see our fees for more information.

Music Centres

  • Membership gives access to as many centre ensembles as a student wishes to join
  • Membership £80 per term
  • Theory extra course £50 per 10 weeks

Instrument Hire

  • 1 year fixed term hire renewable on request
  • Hire is based on availability of instruments and is not guaranteed
  • All instruments £25 per term