County-Wide Opportunities

County Groups

Buckinghamshire County Youth Orchestra

BCYO is open to students in Buckinghamshire aged up to 19 who play at Grade 7 level or above. The programme is designed to be accessible to students from Buckinghamshire who have begun their first year of undergraduate study as well as those of school age. It is therefore playing full orchestral repertoire in challenging and committed programmes that will culminate with concerts and tours where the standard will be at a professional level. This therefore requires those joining to be fully committed to all the season dates.

Buckinghamshire Youth Wind Ensemble

This group is for senior wind players who want to challenge themselves in an ensemble where every player is a soloist. With one player per part, they perform both arranged and specifically composed repertoire from a range of genres.  The musical director is Phillip Scott who also directs the National Youth Wind Ensemble.  Prospectus and application form are available on the page.

Buckinghamshire Youth Guitar Ensemble

An opportunity for the best young guitarists from across the County to develop their skills and musicianship to the highest levels. The group will explore repertoire from some of the finest composers of our time and will commission new work. Prospectus and application form are available on the downloads page.

Bucks County Youth Orchestra

Student Leadership Programme

BLTM is keen to promote meaningful leadership opportunities for young people. This programme will provide excellent young musicians in the county the opportunity to achieve ArtsAward at Bronze, Silver or Gold level, which are comparable awards to GCSE and A-Level qualifications.  For more information, please visit

Arts Award Supporter

To apply for the Student Leadership programme, students will need to complete a formal application and be willing to make a significant contribution to music-making in the county. Application forms are available on the downloads page.

Community Projects

BMT is the core organisation of the Bucks Music Education Hub and as such supports and co-ordinates a number of community projects. Details of these can be found on the News feed and the events and Projects page of the BMEH site.